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We planned to be in Winslow September 28th-October 6th but events unknown until recently prevented me from being gone. Lori scheduled the time off last December and is unable to to change her schedule on late notice so she drove out alone and spent a few days with her parents. There’s a Metrolink station walking distance from the shop and the Motor Palace on the other end so I decided to give the train a shot. The ride goes overnight and I figured I’d sleep my way to Winslow. I was seated next to a nice lady from a few hours outside Kansas City Missouri. She was born in an insane asylum and raised in an orphanage, the widow of a railroad man she has a nice pension. Her sons live in California and she came out last year to live with them. After her oldest son slashed her youngest son’s throat (he’s ok and they still share a trailer) she told them she was going to take a vacation. When they dropped her off at the station she got a refund on the return trip and is not coming back!
Metrolink, go fast and stop a lot.

These Metrolinks haul ass through town!
Transfer to Amtrak and eleven hours later you’re in Winslow
Friday Burnouts!!!
The night before the car show they have a Poker Run, Cackle Fest, a Burnout Contest, and a Street Party on the “Corner” with food venders and live music. The Poker Run participants return and park with the cars already staged for the show.This activity all takes place within about 100ft of the 66 Motor Palace.
The Burnout contest is worth the trip by itself. The city poured a concrete pad on first street just for this annual event. They set up a couple K-Rails to protect the cheering fans, and then they let anybody and anything do Burnouts. Not burnouts like you see at Drag Races…those guys are just warming up their tires. These are full on drunken teenager blow up your tires style Burnouts. In fact the real Dragsters have a disadvantage because they’re designed to launch! It’s very organized. Contestants aren’t staged until the previous vehicle is cleared and Police are there to support the volunteers running the event. You need to see or participate in this event.

The beginning of a marathon Burnout

awhile later

The street’s still smoking!
Street Party
After the Burnouts everybody wanders back towards the “Corner” to hang around, look at cars, eat, and listen to music. 
This car should stay here.

Looking west on Route 66 east.

Opened a couple hours earlier, the burgers are hand pressed.
Lori watching the band

The band and Billy the owner of the new Route 66 Fizz’n Cream Soda Fountain.
Car Show Day
Cars began lining up Friday before the Burn Out contest and Saturday’s show. We lucked out and got some good ones in front of the Palace. The turnout was the biggest they’ve had and everyone seemed to have a good time. We met the guy with the yellow truck after a friend sent him a screenshot of our Instagram page with the picture of his truck. He recognized the profile image as the the logo on the Palace. They’re working on another project to bring next year. Those trucks are going to be hard to top!
What we woke up too!
Team work 
This beautiful Ford has been driven cross country several times.

We love this berserk truck!

Car talk

He built most of the parts on this bike. The wheels are wood. 

Street fight’n Heritage Springer

Say it…say it!
Big Jim taking the streets back.

He bought it for the motor but decided to keep it after working it over.

Sunday morning coming home
The streets were quiet and the air still cool as we walked to Dar’s to see if they were open. We were 15 minutes early but they invited us in for coffee. Tom was there so we hung out with him while the cooks prepped and the griddle warmed. I usually try something easy at a new restaurant but the hamburger the first night was so good I took a chance on the Chicken Fried Steak. The gamble paid. They hand bread and pan fry in house and the scrambled eggs were perfect. Winslow finally has a traditional American style breakfast in the heart of the cool part of town!
We made our rounds and said goodbye to Don, Sandra, John, and Karen. Thanks for your your help and encouragement with our project…and getting the restaurant and soda fountain opened. We’ll see you all soon!
Dar’s second day open!

Tanzy was here!

Shameless plug #1

Hummer has a new friend!
Snow Cap Seligman AZ
Shameless plug #2 The Schott family is celebrating their 100th year in business. This  Goose Down and Lambskin one more reason for their success. On a calm, sunny, 28ยบ day, I unzipped this thing because I was getting warm. 

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