Our first trip up the coast was a bust.
This POS needed it’s body replaced. All of it. We ran out of time and had to go home empty handed.
This is a bonus shot of about the coolest shop in the world. It’s in Cayucos. If you shot out the back fast enough, with a little ramp, you’d end up in the ocean.

The Pomona Swap Meet was Sunday so we checked it out. There was lots of stuff there. 
This one looked pretty cool and it came with the trailer. I guess we could load crap in the bed and pull it behind Bondorella.

“Period Correct” modification. I guess even hobos had money in the ’60s.
This one would’ve been OK if the guy hadn’t hired a drunk high school kid to build it.
I went back to San Luis Obispo County again and tried a new Craigslist app.
Craigslist in Bru Coffee House in Atascadero.
Craigslist app malfunction or user error. Who cares?
It’s not a Stepside or Panel but I couldn’t resist. Merry Christmas to me!

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