Thank you friends for your well wishes and outpouring of support. As you can see we made it. In fact we made it without getting wet. We left Joshua Tree with blue skies and light sprinkling through Yucca Valley. The roads were wet from Yucca Valley to Orange and there was standing water on our driveway. The motorcycles were clean on top with road grime on the bottom and front.

Don’t know how we missed the storms but we did.

A picture of Lori taking a picture of me taking a picture of  baby Cholla cactus.

Lori’s picture of me taking a picture of a baby Cholla cactus.

We scored these at the thrift store for the ride home, they worked!

Sportsters at Joshua Tree Inn!

Shiny on top dirty on the bottom

Since we cut our trip short and weren’t miserable from riding in rain we threw our bags in the pickup and hit the road. A few years ago Lori covered a bunch of stories on Crystal Cove. It’s a long tale but it ends in the creation of Crystal Cove Cottages State Park. They rent these cool old refurbished beach cottages but you need to make a reservation six months to the day to get one. We’ve tried a few times and never had any luck but thought we’d stop by and see if they had a cancellation. They did, so we snagged it and here we are! The pictures pretty much explain it, plus they have free coffee. Parking is in a secure lot across PCH from the beach with a tunnel or shuttles for access. You can ride a motorcycle here but you’d have to park in the lot.

The tunnel to Crystal Cove was flooded from the rain we missed!
View from our room
View of our room.
To the south…
…cottages they can’t save to the north.
Dinner time.

We’re going to post this now so you can stop worrying about us and get some sleep. For Lori’s story go to

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