Hibernation time is here  No tacos on Snow Cap’s patio before springtime.   A Cadillac seeks shelter on the cold streets of Winslow .     The cool girls bundle in preparation for cold days ahead. SaveSave Finally the green light is on for Santa’s stop in Amboy.

Reader’s request!

AnonymousDecember 30, 2012 10:10 AM That “Porn Sled” just makes me giggle every time I see it in a photo. Is the plastic front end still pliable, or has it gone all hard and cracked? I really need to see a pic of Lori sitting inside the beige bomber. Something tells me she’s truly repulsed…

We finally got out!

Our ride to Milwaukee via Route 66 and some other road north of Chicago began late Saturday afternoon. Checkout Lori’s new Road Trip Haircut after 100 miles. Weather forecasts all week warned of extreme heat with a 20-30% chance of thunderstorms. They were right and it made for perfect riding weather. About the time our…

Happy Birthday to me!

We slept in, ate breakfast and spent way too much time installing Lori’s new swingarm bag to get in any miles in. Fortunately our poor planning and lack of self control provided an excuse to stay at the Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino. On motorcycles…back to your garage Bondorella. Bondorella being shiny (Bonus Picture) An…

Around the Holidays

66 Motor Palace Orange Downtown Taft HWY 58 Legs for Winslow Motor Palace bath. Hackberry Store It’s a dry cold. Schott Wool and Churchill Deerskin, work tested to 30 degrees. Last ride of 2011. Reflection of first sunset 2012 on PCH.

New bath tub.

We just got a bath tub for the Motor Palace from Al & Anna in Orange. Al’s a Winslow fan and an Urban Designer who went to school in Flagstaff. They even offered us a break on the price since it was going to a good home.   Bondorella even got in on the action.

Motor Palace Update

The primary purpose of our Fall Route 66 tour was of course, to check up on the Motor Palace in Winslow. We’d hope to have at least phase one (apartment) complete so we could stay in the building, but, that didn’t happen. We did meet with the architect and made some progress. The old layers…