After a nice sendoff from Frank at the Chelsea Motor Inn we followed the storm to Memaw’s in Claremore for a homestyle breakfast. We had a nice conversation with the couple at the next table. They’ve ridden up PCH and are excited about seeing more of California. Memaw’s is on my “Highly Recommended” list. The people who work here are why it’s fun to travel.

Catoosa and the Blue Whale are just down the road so we had to stop. The Blue Whale was built as a swimming hole and little park. You can’t swim there anymore but it’s a well maintained little park.

On the ride east we bypassed Tulsa to avoid traffic but this being Sunday we took the old road right on through. Tulsa is hands down the coolest of the larger cities we navigated. It’s clearly marked, has lots of restaurants, and it looked like a few good motels.

The ride on Route 66 from Tulsa to Oklahoma City is among the best. It gently curves over rolling hills and small towns and the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum.

There were five or six bike and riders out front when we rode in. Jerry ran out to say “hi” and to see if he saw what he thought he saw. A chrome Sportster. He did.

He invited us in and told us about the place and patiently listened to me babble about the Motor Palace. This place is amazing. They have a real nice collection ranging from common but significant early Moto-X stuff, rare competition models, Trials, Speedway, Flattrack, British, European, a Pope Board Tracker, and even an ABC (I’d never heard of it), be sure you set aside a few hours for a stop here and if you’re planning to compare, the 66 Motor Palace will never be this cool!

Oklahoma Route 66 west of Oklahoma City is not quite as dynamic as east but worth cruising through. It’s flatter, straighter, and more slow transportation than entertainment.

We did our usual get lost in the late afternoon / dirt adventure thing and ended up running out of light in Elk City instead of McLean TX. I guess that’s a dream for another time…We stayed at the Flamingo Inn, a work in progress run by very nice people who seem to be on the right track. Saving an old Motel must be an incredible challenge. Thanks again to all of you who’ve pulled it off! I’ll stay here again if I’m in Elk City, but if the little things bother you go to one of the chains.

Tonight’s goal…….Santa Rosa
New Mexico and dinner at Joseph’s! The last two weeks may be the longest I’ve gone without Mexican Food ever.
Really, it was my father’s favorite food too. Before he died his favorite restaurant puréed tacos so he could eat them through his feeding tube.

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I just noticed, this is our 66th post!

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