Thanks everyone for the hard work, patience, and encouragement the last couple years. We appreciate it and are very happy the Motor Palace is on it’s way to reality.


The foundation was undermined on the right. As it settled the wall rotated right. You can see the cracks above/left of the door  where it lifted and the right edge of the door where it was pulling away. The door and the left (south) wall remained square.
Inside view of cracks. We’ll use windows to let light in now. We will miss the photo ops.
Joe (Builder) and Robert (Architect) sent some pictures of the work on the “Mud Room” walls. This is the rear wall of the apartment. The wall is east facing and the windows will be glass block to allow morning sunshine.
Robert’s great shot clearly demonstrates the high quality of Joe and his crew’s work!

Master craftsmen at work.

Bath tub window with steel lentils and all.

The old door earned it’s right to  by remain as is.

Reinforcement! How’s it look Sally?


More glass block.

The Last Brick. We’ll paint them the same color as before.

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