Montgomery Motorcycle Company celebrated the opening of their new Vintage Motorcycle shop in San Clemente Saturday. The place is beautiful and the party was one to remember. Music was provided by Smiling Face Down and the Alter Billies, Happa J’s served tacos on fresh made tortillas, and they had a Plymouth pickup full of ice cold PBR. Last but not least were the hosts, they are probably the nicest bunch of people in the motorcycle business and they made sure everybody had a good time. Be sure to stop in to meet them, and bring money they have plenty of cool stuff! Here’s a link to their Blog too

Montgomery Motorcycle Company Grand Opening party

An AJS, I want one of these
Lori’s FB friend Lindsey’s Paint by Smokey 77 Sportster. Sorry about the iPhone flash.
Nice collection of vintage and used jackets…and theirs are for sale!
This one’s for “road trip” reef at slider magazine
He’s looking at the Indian
Marlboro Man (he really was) and nice old Indian
I love these BSA Victors
In other news I found the YM-1 laying on it’s side when I went to the shop Saturday morning. It didn’t suffer any major damage and the tie downs were still attached at both ends and both sides.
A ghost rode over on the Soul Train from Winslow and set the YM-1 free….no major damage done and now the ghost understands why it’s tied down and offered to watch over it for eternity.  
A 1995 Fatboy and Schott 689H. Riding any motorcycle in a Schott Jacket is a life changing event which everyone deserves. If you ever have the opportunity to acquire one you should do everything morally right to do so. As a good person you deserve it. If you know a good person and have the means you owe it to humanity to protect said person with a Schott jacket.

Wow! What a strange coincidence, you can buy one here!  I think the Soul Train Ghost is responsible for this too.

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