Wagon Wheel Cuba, MO.

Cuba, Missouri that is. The Wagon Wheel Motel to be exact.

We left Carthage after a nice breakfast at the pancake restaurant next to Boots and hit a detour about a mile down Route 66 and missed the old alignment around Kellog Lake. That’s life on the road. We stumbled across the town of Spencer which was purchased and restored by the Ryans. The road was nice and we were able to make good time. We lost Route 66 again before Springfield and picked it up again at the city limits. We’ve since figured out we missed Paris Springs near Spencer.

We had a good tail wind but it was bringing thunderstorms with it. While fueling up we were warned by three people a big one was coming and the race was on. We saw the Elbow Inn near the Devils Elbow and met the nice guy who owns the Totem Trading post in Rollo between wrong turns and missed intersections. We wanted to stay on Route 66 and beat the storm. The storm won the race and drowned us the last twenty miles to the Wagon Wheel…but we had more fun!
Uh oh. The power went out!

Restored Town of Spencer, MO.
Nice sign, great motel!
Good advice from the Totem Trading Post, we got other good advice there too…like where to stay  for the evening and it’s gonna rain.
Great sign and said to be an important part of a good PBJ!
Driveway at Wagon Wheel looks like an old alignment of Route 66.

2 thoughts on “Lost and Racing Storms to Cuba!”

  1. My grandmother, in Western Kentucky, used to make my PB&J sandwiches with "Bunny Bread". Have continued fun, be safe, and keep the pics coming!

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