Late start=gas stops only!

As we were leaving Winslow this morning we met Wade. He rides a Victory and we’ve seen him around quite a bit but never met. He’s real supportive of the project and we’re looking forward to riding with him sometime.

Cliff Bar and whole milk is what we have at fuel stops instead of lunch. It’s why we gorge at dinner.

Motorcycles and stuff in Las Vegas NM
We just blasted down the 40, turned left at Albuquerque, and picked up the Santa Fe Trail to Las Vegas New Mexico. Weather was calm and we followed thunder storms across Western New Mexico, only catching a small one around near Cubero. The clouds were still heavy but stopped raining after just a few miles. As we approached the Laguna Pueblo it was glowing white on its hill in the only sunshine for miles.
Things dried out and got a little warm before Albuquerque. The freeways there are the most beautiful and terrifying I can remember. The sky got dark again outside Santa Fe. We rode in mist and road spray from the tail of a pretty wet storm. A few miles east of the Pecos we crossed a shallow stream at the posted speed limit (75) it was pretty scattered from the cars ahead of us and wasn’t a threat.
We walked around the Plaza of Las Vegas and had dinner in the hotel. This place is pretty cool, lots of people messing around on motorcycles and cars including the loudest broken car stereo anywhere. Right now there are a few skate boarders in the gazebo across the street. Our windows are open and we’re listening to a great trumpet player in the bar below us. Hope he plays all night!

No rules New Mexico!

She was just parking…in front of THE HAUNTED HOTEL we’re staying in.

I bet this place was good

What do you dream of at night?

Cruising the Plaza

I don’t know what this is but it suddenly moved about 3 inches when I was looking at it.

Happy Trike passenger

Where Filthy the Clown was lurking, I never saw those girls again

… I never saw this guy and the clown together

This didn’t work out well either

Wonder if he knows Wade…

I knew a girl named Monica we called her Moronica. She was very pretty and hated us,  never figured out why she came around.

The windows in this room open

This is what our motorcycles look like from the window

The view if Filthy the Clown walks in the front door tonight

Denver tomorrow!
Read more and see better pictures at
Gil, I take back what I said about trumpets a few weeks ago. At least this guy!

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