These are shots inside the remains of what was once a bar so notorious the city of Winslow purchased it (and the Motor Palace) just to shut it down. Jenny’s was the kind of place few people seem to have direct knowledge of and fewer are willing to talk about.
 It was connected to the Motor Palace with a large door and a pass through window that were hidden during business hours. After closing time they would move the Party to the Palace and access Winslow’s tunnel network through the Motor Palace’s cellar.
We don’t know what went on in the tunnels but we have a ledger with the name “Jenny’s” written in it with records of arrests and jail fees billed to the county. Maybe the good ol’ boys were just drinking coffee and burning the midnight oil. Nah! That doesn’t explain the hidden stage and the billions of booze bottles stashed under it.
The tributes on the walls were likely added shortly before Jenny’s was silenced forever.
I wonder if they’re talking about Ft. Worth…

We’re going to reuse this wood and plan to save these sentimental beauties

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My favorite!

It was dark in here, I didn’t even see the part in the bottom of the shot. I’ll check it next visit.

This was posted to keep the riff-raff out.


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