Lori’s learning to be a goat farmer by starting seedlings in egg shells. When they sprout she’ll plant them in pots on the balcony off our breakfast room. She got the idea from friends who checked out of So-Cal and are living the dream somewhere in the Oregon Sticks. You can follow their adventures here. Meanwhile, In The Sticks. Terry and Ginger are doing it right!

I’m looking forward to the Hatch Chiles.

This keeps the Crows out of Lori’s Farm.

I finally got my hands on an Atom Pop! Atom Pop was invented in 1952 and is manufactured by QuinCraft in Bushton Kansas, USA!

This is a truly amazing product. All other popcorn poppers and methods should be outlawed. Seriously this thing cooks perfect popcorn every time. Follow the instructions exactly and you can’t lose and it’s even easy to clean. Here’s a link to JBH Products , they’re real nice people and they have the QuinCraft connection. Order one, you’ll thank me…order two they make great gifts!

The amazing Atom Pop

We’re going to Winslow this week, so did Farmers Market lite and messed around in the Orange shop the last couple days.

Lori steering Bondorella around corner

Schott One Star backorders were released and will arrive this week in limited sizes. We’re sorry about the backorders but pretty happy Schott is having a great 100th Anniversary year. Here’s a photo pinched from their website with Dee Dee Ramone wearing his One Star. Schott’s doing a 15% off sale ’til the end of March to offset the recent (2-3%) price increases so we’re doing the same. No coupon, we’ll just adjust the price on your order. Email us if you have questions 66@66MotorPalace.com Thanks!

If this Hummer ran the decal would probably blow off.
Got ’em all unfrozen and lubed without disturbing the rust and dust!

Clean brushes waiting for oil

More pictures of junk, old buildings, motorcycles, and food coming soon.

If you haven’t yet, please go see our website. It shares some material with this blog but with more photos of The Motor Palace and less crap. www.66MotorPalace.com

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