Lori’s Goat Farm’s doing well! All the peppers sprouted and they should be ready to plant next week. The top row are Pasilla, next are Joe Parkers and “Hatches” from seeds we saved last year, and finally the Jalapenos. The eggs without sprouts were planted later but should sprout this week.
Goat nests

Old things

I found this small belt sander on craigslist for $60. It’s perfect for the type of things I like to ruin. It’s a Quick-Sand 165, made in Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA. (Mid ’60s)

Quick-Sand Model 165 1″X42″ belt

It’s smooth, quiet, and simple.

New things
Schott Perfecto One Stars arrived in limited sizes, click the “Shop Schott NYC” link on the upper right column on this page.
We have Women’s M and L and Men’s 40 and 42. More coming soon!

Route 66 lite

Lori got the flu so we postponed our Winslow trip but she finally got some fresh air on Saturday. Poor thing wasted a whole week of vacation. We kept it lite and drove to Route 66 survivor “Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Cafe.” Emma Jeans has been just north of Victorville since 1947.

Their story goes something like this: Emma Jean was a waitress at Holland Burger for a long time. When the Holland family was ready to move on Emma Jean’s husband bought it as a surprise for her. (late ’70s?) Emma Jean’s son Brian and wife Shawna run the place now.

When we arrived the parking lot was full of Harley-Davidsons, the inside was packed, and 20+ riders were seated outside. Shawna warned us about the big group and told us she would have a table for two available soon. The busboy took care of us while Shawna was taking the orders outside. When our hamburgers came they were exactly as a good Cafe burger should be. We’re definitely going back for breakfast, the food was great and the people were better. We’re pretty sure Shawna is a mind reader and may have 360 degree vision. Nothing gets past her!

We arrived right after a group of 20 riders from the San Fernando Valley.
Standing room only when we arrived. That’s Shawna standing up.
We found this old Jacob Bromwell ricer in an Oro Grande antique store. It’ll be good for mashing up dried chiles after  they’re soaked.

Narrow tunnel under tracks in Oro Grande, a few miles north of Emma Jean’s

Real life Out West

I was in my mid ’30s when I realized “Out West” is where I’d lived most of my life. I was driving through the desert with someone and said, “Those mountains look like they could’ve come right out of a Western movie.” My friend replied, “They did you idiot.”

This is how Cowboys take vintage motorcycles to car shows in Arizona.
Seriously there are horses in the corrals, and goats running around somewhere.
There’s a white thing to the middle left that could be a chicken, or duck, or cat.

We might rescue this 1990 Harley-Davidson FLSTC with about 10K miles.
Please don’t judge, I have no idea why I’m suddenly in love with EVO Softails.

Lori snagged this shot of a crazy Sportster trike near our Orange shop.
These are always handy to have around
I like this guy’s dog, I bet it travels well.

Thanks for reading, I hope the rest of your day is better.

…I just remembered, I brought this Harley-Davidson Softail Slim home for awhile. It’s awesome, you should buy one! I think I’ll go ride it now.

You can ride it with or without Cowboy Boots!
The Slim is my favorite new model the last couple years

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