Dickies 1922 Heritage Jeans
We got our hands on some Dickies jeans from their Heritage collection. These jeans are made at the Dickies work shop in New Braunfels Texas of Cone Mills White Oak denim. The White Oak plant in North Carolina was built by Cone Mills in 1905 and they weave selvage denim on narrow looms from the 1940’s.
We have a small supply of the carpenter and heavy duty button fly straight leg five pocket styles in limited sizes. These are selling well by word of mouth and we aren’t going to put them on our web store until they become more readily available. If you’re interested in them give us a call or email 66@66MotorPalace.com and we can arrange a fitting and send you some pictures. International friends please accept our apology, we are unable to ship this product outside the USA.


Chore Coat

Except when we go to Winslow later this month we are devoting our spare time (besides riding) to getting the Jeep dialed in. 47-year-old vehicles with 17,500 miles that’ve been putting around ranches have unique problems. Not much is worn or broken but lots of things are stuck, hard, or cracked. 
The light switch was frozen solid. I had to beat it with a hammer to free it. After a good cleaning and lube it works perfect!


Inside the turn signal switch. it was frozen too. There were dead spiders. That’s a wasps nest in the upper left.
Had to cover the 68 with the new 2014.

Baby got a kitty.

Felix getting his picture taken for Instagram. #66MotorPalace
Weekend 3
We tuned the motor (it runs great), replaced the defroster duct, and vacuum lines. We’re chasing brake parts, and still don’t have brake lights. I won’t bore you with details. Lori pulled the dead radio and speaker out to make it easier to work under the dash.
We got new work lights. Matco has a few models made in USA.
Chevrolet AM radio.

Check book

Turn screws

We’ve started on the brakes, Jeff at Wheels-n-Motion is helping us find some appropriate tires, and we’ll get seats to the upholstery shop pretty soon. Next up will be new belts, hoses, fuel lines and a few obvious leaks. Then we’ll take it out and see what falls off!

2 thoughts on “Dickies Selvedge Denim Jeans and Jeep obsession.”

  1. Jeep is looking good and glad to see you are making some progress on it. I was not so sure when I picked it up but it is looking better now. I also keep seeing that the GS wants to go for a ride. I vote for Monument Valley in the fall.

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