Our luck continued, Crystal Cove had cancellation Friday and we got to stay in Cottage 40 on the beach next to the Los Trancos creek.

Cottage 40
Old Crystal Cove then Gallery now information center across the creek from 40.  

Raising the Martini flag. A tradition the Beachcomber continues today.

Surveying our new shack.

Room full-O-Wool!
This Deus scarf is soft and warm.
Smart people with umbrellas.

Toy Jeepster

They’re going to save most of these to use as rentals.


Los Trancos Creek from our deck

Peeping Tom cam.

Night shot of bridge where umbrella people were.

The path from the coffee source.
Writing and looking at dolphins (there were a bunch of them).

After two days without seeing a motorcycle we had to get out luckily Crystal Cove is twenty miles from home so we made it back in time Saturday to stop by the Farmers Market, look at motorcycles, assemble a shelf in the kitchen, drive a Jeep, and make tacos. We spent most of Sunday cooking, baking, and eating.

Oh, and I talked to Joe the Contractor in Winslow Saturday, he’s been keeping warm in South and Central America for awhile but now he’s back. It looks like the apartment will be fully functional by mid February if we can ge over there.

Now I have to figure out how to pitch that tent.

This is what the tent looks like assembled.

…I forgot to post a motorcycle picture!

’78 Yamaha SR500

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