Locked up in Gardner, IL.

My father had to adjust his plans In Ohio on his way to Maine once. He lost so much time to detours and road construction the rally he was planning to attend would be wrapping up as he arrived. He turned north and zig-zagged his way back. The way he saw it he got a few free days to ride his motorcycle.

We haven’t had anything like that but I thought of him as we tried to escape Springfield, IL. via Route 66 near the Fair Grounds. Let’s just say these guys would think our Fair was a picnic in a park.

One hour and ten miles later we escaped Springfield! Our strategy’s been working so we continued up 66, turning at all signs for a retired alignment. Again we passed through one classically beautiful small town after another. People waved as we passed…(as they mowed their own lawns), streets were clean, highways were free of those big Toyota bumpers I dodge on my daily ride to work, and get this! Kids were playing. In random groups. I even saw kids on bicycles riding by themselves without an adult trailing them shouting warnings and praise. These kids seemed alert and able to avoid running in front of cars with no visible means of support or coaching. The other thing I realized late in the day was I’d only seen two assholes banging away on mobile devices the last few days and it was us.

Anyway we made it to Chicago. We banged on our mobile devices for two hours, didn’t get a room, and ended up in the closest place available. A Hampton Inn forty miles north. Don’t know what town but I think it starts with a “C” too.

My favorite towns today were Lincoln, Elkhart, Atlanta, and Pontiac. Joliet was a pleasant surprise other than a detour that got us lost, but we do appreciate good road maintenance . Of course Chicago was amazing and we want to come back with room reservations. Next time…

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Mike Evans’ 66 Memories. A good reason to stop in Atlanta, IL.
…and another. Fried Bologna Sandwich at the Palms Grill in Atlanta, IL
Bridge connecting cemetery outside Elkhart, IL.
Beautiful Chicago, we’re coming back!
Paul Bunyan in Atlanta, IL.
Route 66 somewhere in Illinois.
That Route 66 app. was handy.

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