Farmer’s Market and Fun with Cameras
The sidecar got Farmer’s Market duty this week. I forget how much fun this thing is, we really need to take it on a long ride.
I’m working on an idea here. No Filter, no edit, no funny in camera effects, no nothin’.

I took a few with the X2 and missed the focus, luckily I had this iPhone shot.

Blue Swallow in Tucumcari NM keeps Baby’s key safe 

Some Hippodrome Studio goods

Bakersfield is OK
I’ve always liked Bakersfield. After high school my parents moved to Ridgecrest and I moved to San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield became a regular stop on the trip back and forth. My father and I would meet at Johnny’s BMW (where I saw my first Paris/Dakar), Randy Coates and I rode over in search of the best Chicken Fried Steak a few times, and the 58 being one of my favorite roads I would often ride to Bakersfield, turn around and ride back. I even have a Bakersfield Playlist on iTunes.

I’ve been wanting to go to Dagny’s Coffee Company for awhile and messaged @hunterdog1967 to see if he would be around. 15 minutes later I was on the road. It was the Equinox and Lori told me to dress warm, I didn’t listen and actually got cold on the Tejon pass but other than that the weather was perfect. Traffic was light other than the stretch of I-5 between Santa Fe Springs and Commerce. When you leave 5 for the 99 you take a step back in time. patches of Eucalyptus line the highway and the shoulder is flush with the smooth concrete highway. It doesn’t have the bumps and seams found on the big freeways and you feel like you’re being pulled along a moving sidewalk.

We had a great visit. Jose and I met at Born Free 3 and stayed in touch on Instagram. He’s one of those rare Harley-Davidson and BMW enthusiasts. A few years ago he went to go look at a beat up /6 and realized it was his old bike from years earlier. It’s since been repaired and reconditioned and it’s ridden regularly!

Bakersfield’s done a good job cleaning up its downtown and Dagny’s is just a few blocks from Chester and 178 (the Kern River road). 

Some Oakies must have seen the Motor Palace on their way out west and decided to build something nicer.

Bakersfield 66

@hunterdog1967 Jose Lopez

Dagny’s Motorcycle parking

Time to go home

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