Long story short, I deleted every file in our hosting account. Every file. The good news is we’ve learned a lot about websites and blogs over the last decade, and starting from scratch allowed us to update and optimize. Our hope is to provide easier to view, faster loading content.


The big news is… in the middle of our cyber-disaster we purchased the On the Corner Antiques building. It’s across the street from the Motor Palace next to “Standin’ on the Corner Park.” The buildings are 100-to-150 feet apart.

Lori built a site for the new building with photos, details, and some history. Click the link below.


Palace Emporium, Winslow Arizona, Route 66, Antiques

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2 thoughts on “WE’RE BACK and BIG NEWS”

    1. Hi Jay, this works, thanks for the tip! All I have to do is re-insert the pictures. You Da Man Bra. (Did I say that right?)

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