Google Dropping Shopping Cart
Google’s killing their shopping cart and credit card processing service soon so we need a new service. Fortunately Square who makes the card reader we use in the store and outside events recently launched a shopping cart. We’ve played with it a little and so far so good…if we can get it embedded to our pages.
Since we’re going to be on the road for a couple weeks and can’t ship product we’ll remove the current store and launch the new one when we get back. 
Our well worn Square Reader
New Stuff when we get back!
For those of you patiently waiting we just got a big shipment of regular, black, and smaller lighter weight tees from SOS. The plan is to get them to the printer before we leave. If so they’ll be done before we get back. He moves a a lot faster than we do.
Boxes of organic cotton shirts are heavy!!!
Things in the Parking Lot
This looks nice inside and out, think it’s on it’s way to Europe.

Straight body

Animals live or eat in here. There is hay in the engine compartment. Front seats not too bad.

Paneling and Skylight

Things to eat
Corn, Chile, and Pork

6 hours in covered roasting pan at 220ยบ
Pozole, Posole

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