Here’s a few shots of what was happening in Grapevine Texas before the Superbowl.

Winslow  in Texas
Still Standin’
Here’s a couple shots of what’s happening in Winslow every day.
Motor Palace
We might have to leave these spooky windows
Northish West Texas Hill Country is beautiful with “Classic American” small towns about every 25 miles green grass, Prickly Pear, and endless rolling hills. We wish we’d had more time to explore but we had a flat tire in the morning and lost about four hours. The up side is we had a good lunch at “Love & War in Texas”. Wild Boar and a Catfish Po-Boy. The Wild bore was great and no one frys catfish better than a person with Southern Accent. We got a few shots and I’m making a ride through this country a top priority.
Classic Motel with little garages and it’s “For Sale”
When we were kids my little sister terrorized these places. Seriously, she was banned from the one in Everman.
I want a train

Perfect spot for a Motorcycle shop. North Hill Country 66 South?

I forgot to read the sign but it’s in Sweetwater.
It’s greener than California and they have Armadillos.
Monahans Texas.
Texans! If I have my geography wrong please post a correction. We’re on the I-20 W.

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