Brian and Lori Law: Our shared interests in motorcycles, cars, history, old buildings, Americana, coffee, food, and vintage culture have led us to Kinsley Avenue in Winslow Arizona.

Not yet open to the public, we're renovating the 66 Motor Palace and the Palace Emporium.

The 66 Motor Palace

The Motor Palace's focus is to serve motorcycle and auto related interests and offer a little refuge to travelers. Vintage and special interest motorcycles will be bought and sold. Parts, accessories, riding gear, and speed equipment will be available along with fresh roast coffee, baked goods, and other quality snacks.

The Palace Emporium

The Palace Emporium's emphasis will be Quality Goods including new, vintage, and antique (it was sold to us as an antique store) with a healthy dose of American made, select exotic, and other premium general merchandise. Healthy and travel friendly snacks as well as specialty sweets and vintage sodas. Fresh roasted coffee and fresh baked goods will be offered with space to relax and enjoy them.

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